bits-2079 released with these changes:

  • On unknown CPUs, don't run the MSR consistency test in the full testsuite

    On unknown CPUs without a CPU-specific MSR blacklist, this test produces too many false positives. Leave it available to run specifically, but don't run it as part of the full "run all tests" testsuite.

  • python: Disable new GCC warning shift-negative-value

    This broke the build with GCC 6.

  • os.putenv: Avoid propagating old errors from previous function calls

    grub_env_set propagated the previous (potentially unrelated) grub_errno value, which led to spurious error messages from harmless failures. For instance, Python searches for modules by attempting to open each possible location, and handles errors by continuing the search; however, a subsequent call to putenv would noisily show that error. This resulted in a spurious error message about /boot/python/bits/efi.pyc, even though the import call that produced that message went on to open the correct file.

    Clear grub_errno at the start of putenv to prevent this.

  • mkpresent: Update to work with current PIL

  • bits.present: Fix hotkey for the new input layer