bits-707 released with these changes:

  • Update to ACPICA version 20120215. Update for ACPICA API changes, new source files, and new source layout.

  • Update MSR consistency blacklists to include MSRs related to Last Branch Records.

  • runppm: Add support for PPM RCM specification 12.2, and support PPM RCM versions with major and minor revisions, so that runppm works with a range of possible versions rather than just one.

  • Add an acpi.dumptable() function to dump ACPI tables in hex and ASCII.

  • Bugfixes and cleanups:

    • Fix DMAR table parsing.
    • Clean up various ACPI structures to use classes based on namedtuple with built-in struct parsing information.
    • Remove doubled parenthesis in menuentry title for MCFG dump